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Win Gold and Cash! It's easy! Predict the sale price of a property at a real auction and you will WIN! Get enough right and you can win up to $700,000. No cost to start playing! We start you off with 10 free playing credits to play with. Use wisely and get ten prices right and you win $75,000. Wow!!! win $75,000 for no dollars down! Even better we make it easier because we give you a start with a free Price Predictor Report which will provide the probable sale price of the property. Playing credits are inexpensive and you can give yourself a real edge by placing up to 10 bids on a property. There are three new properties every week to bid on.

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Prize Pools

Correct Guesses Cash or Gold
12 $400,000
11 $120,000
10 $75,000
9 $50,000
8 $40,000
7 $15,000
6 $7,500
5 $4,000
4 $2,000
3 $1,000
2 $700
1 $500

Guaranteed Weekly Winners!

There will always be a prize winner each week - you can win in one of three ways:

  • Get the auction sale price right and you are on the road the $400,000 grand prize but have won at least $500;
  • If no one gets the auction sale price right then by being the nearest to the auction price you get 30 free playing credits; and
  • Predict which properties will be sold prior or withdrawn from auction for five free credits

Start playing now for your chance to be one of this week's winners!

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This Week's Properties

Weekly Winner News

New Game started 19th April 2014

16th November - There's a new kingpin in town! - Iloveproperties got the closest bid on two separate properties (Fairfield and North Willoughby) this week and earned $750 for doing so. Other winners include katty who won $500 for getting closest on the Marrickville property and clairecee who got a $250 share for being equal closest with Iloveproperties on the North Willoughby auction.

Congratulations to this week's winners. It's easy to love properties when you're winning cash prizes for doing so.

9th November - Tony's been toppled! - two new players enter the prize pool this week. The Dulwich Hill property was sold prior to auction so game credits were refunded for that property. Andrew was the closest bid to the Cabramatta West property and Chris was a mere $100 away from correctly picking the Kurnell property.

Both players get $500 each for being the closest bids to their respective properties. Congratulations, gents!

Please note: the Game will be suspended from the 9th December for the Christmas holiday period due to reduced auction activity and will be re-started in 2014.

2nd November - Tony's Still on Top! - Tony from Tullamarine continues to dominate the game, once again picking up a $500 prize for the closest bid on last week's Cabramatta property. This takes Tony's prize-winnings to over $1000 in just three weeks.

Three other contestants also shared in a total of $1000 for last week's games. Do you want to claim the cash this week? Make your bids now.

26th October - Tony's on Top! - Tony of Tullamarine in Victoria has won each week of the game. He's spent only $10.50 and has already won $650. Can he do it again this week? Can you topple Tony?

There has been a total of $2500 in prizes paid in the last two weeks. Bid on this week's properties and win your share of the prize pool.

The odds are fantastic. 1 in 30 players are winning cash!

19th October - two players have already converted free credits to a total of $1000 in cash. Another three are on their way to $75,000. Find out more on the Fantasy Real Estate Facebook page.